We will capture your own unforgettable moments and create for you a wedding film that you will enjoy watching every day for the rest of your lives!

This is our promise to you!


Kristin und Sasha HochzeitsvideoElvira und Alexander Hochzeitsvideo
Amy und David Sophia & Martin Hochzeitsvideo
Stephanie & Boris HochzeitsvideoSelina & Timo Hochzeitsvideo


Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANKS !!!
You are so great, the trailer is a dream! So beautiful shots, emotions, pictures, moments and memories.
The quality is just beautiful and perfect. I’m moved to tears and have a smile on my face since this morning.
I shine every time I look at the movie and I think I’ve already done that 20 times :).
It is a work of art, as you have summarised such touching moments and captured so many special moments.
We are deeply grateful to you that you have filmed and edited our wedding so well and also filmed this day, otherwise we would not have such vivid memories, that touch our hearts. Thank you.
We are sooooo happy and of course there is not a single suggestion or change request, the film is perfect!
You have done so great and beautiful that we are really impressed and very, very happy about this memorable video
We can highly recommend you!

A thousand thanks, Kathrin & Klaus

Kathrin & Klaus

Professional, warm, careful, with full commitment and the right eye for detail.
Alkistis and Markos accompanied us on our wedding day and we highly recommended them
Our video has become incredibly beautiful, thanks for your great work!

Nicole & Mathias

The best day  of our lives – but what remains are wonderful memories and an incredibly beautiful video,
which makes us feel the emotions, love and happiness again and again!
You are a great team and we would like to thank you for your great work!

Martina & Markus

With more attention to detail, you can hardly work like the two of them.
You gave us a wonderful memory of the wedding.

Romina & Florian

Actually, we didn’t want to have a professional wedding video, we wanted to have friends filmed.
Now we’re very glad we didn’t do it! Not just us,
but our entire family & friends are thrilled.
This DVD will accompany us all our lives and every time,
if we put it in, this day will come back to life.
Thank you very much for these memories!

Marion & Paul

It was a pleasure and a fortune to have Alkistis and Marko to our wedding.
We are very lucky to have this special day of our lives captured on video.
Not only did they deliver high quality material,
but they also were able to feel with us the emotion and isolate moments we definitely want to remember!
Their discretion and courtesy, their creative ideas and organisation of work impressed us
and made us think every time we see the videos…let’s do it again!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Eny & Sven

Every couple dreams their wedding to be unique!
With this team our wedding became dreamy!
They are a professional team but your friends too…They capture every moment into a lifetime video.
Natural, calm, professional and crazy posing will be transformed in coloured, sepia,
black and white and in many more options that you wish for.
A team that you can rely on for your special moments!

Cat & David

Dear Alkistis, thank you very much for your very emotional film about our wedding day!
Through your sense for the right moment, our special day was captured in moving pictures.
The selection of the moments and the combination with the music is extraordinary and beautiful.
Thank you for giving our day back so perfectly and lovingly with these pictures!

Julia & Dimitrios

We were very lucky that the baptism of our little son was recorded by Alkistis Kafetzi as a videographer!
This unforgettable day was accompanied by her and her team, very professional and at the same time friendly!
None of us would have expected such an incredible result.
A very professional video, perfectly edited, underlined with so many small details, both in picture and in sound.
Our impression is beyond admiration – a real masterpiece!
We are more than satisfied and can warmly recommend Alkistis!

Ilias Taufe

….this is how we believe your wedding video deserves to be shown!


Every wish you have we are here to make it come true! With the experience of having filmed over 100 weddings we know that everything is possible and every idea, every wedding video is for us special and unique and captures your personality and the specific atmosphere of your wedding day!

We have a lot of experience with multicultural weddings and are prepared to adapt to your necessities easily. See our examples!

Due to our experience in the cinematic and TV field, we provide you with a high quality wedding video that is not only well filmed but also well processed on post production.

As a result, this is giving a special touch to your love moments in such a romantic and fully sentimental day!

Our customers love the fact that they barely notice us while we film!

Cinematic Look | Classic Look | Love Moments


A few words about how my team and I work at your most special day. Since the day of your wedding shall be remembered in the brightest colors, it is for us of great importance to be very discreet during our filming work. We don’t want you to be disturbed in any way by our presence.

Important as well is the equipment that we use for the purpose of filming. We use professional DSLRs for Full HD with zoom and fixed lenses. DSLRs have been established in filmmaking due to their excellent capability to produce brilliant picture and colors. It’s not a coincidence that DSLR find sporadically use in Hollywood movies and TV series.

This way we can be silent and flexible while we catch your most beautiful moments and reach a great HD quality and aesthetics. Finally, in post production we assemble for you a wedding video that will reflect our high standards for technical completeness and beautiful aesthetics.

That is Us

Our work samples speak  for themselves!

 “Cinematic Look” & “Classic-Look”. Click on the photo to play!

When may we film your wedding?


In addition to weddings, we are also repeatedly booked to film other important events.
These include baptisms, wedding anniversaries, special birthdays and other important events.
You are welcome to contact us, we look forward to your inquiry.

We have great experience documenting even larger events, so in many case businesses contact us to film their special event.
Again, we have a large portfolio that we are happy to provide so that you get an idea of our work. Please contact us accordingly.

Taufe von Wilma

We would love to hear from you and help you get  a really good offer!


Our affordable package for a memorable wedding video of your special day!

  • 9 Hours Attendance (2 HD Cameras)
  • Cinematic Wedding film 3-4 Minutes
  • Wedding Video about 15-20 Minutes with music and the most important natural sound parts
  • Raw material of the day
  • * Included drone * Prices include travel costs for weddings in Germany and Austria

Our most popular wedding video package that captures every moment of your day! All Inclusive!

  • 11 Hours Attendance (1 HD Cameras included, Second camera person +200€)
  • Cinematic Wedding film 3-4 Minutes
  • Wedding video about 60-90 minutes
  • * Included drone * Prices include travel costs for weddings in Germany and Austria

Our open package, according to your wishes and ideas

  • We are happy to fulfill your individual wishes and realize your own ideas! Do not hesitate to contact us with your idea!
  • Just tell us the plan of your wedding day and we will create an individual, unique package that leaves nothing to be desired! We have a great deal of experience in fulfilling even the most unusual wishes!


Alkistis Kafetzi is the founder of Love Moments. She is a berlin based filmmaker.
Markos Gounelas ist ein erfahrener Hochzeitsvideofilmer und Cutter


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